Concrete Tile Roofing

Many Tampa Bay homes have concrete roofs because of their distance to the beach. Concrete roofs can be shaped into many different pieces like tile. These roofs are reinforced with fiberglass rather than asbestos and can last 30 to 60 years.

Concrete tile is durable and easy to install. These roofs can be installed with foam or cement adhesives. They are energy efficient but can be applied directly onto the roof. Concrete roofs are also hurricane resistant and can withstand all five categories of wind speeds and rain. Concrete tile is also durable to other elements like snow or heat. There is a guarantee of resistance to water damage making them cost-effective.

Concrete tile can be colored to blend in with the color of the house or can be colored to add heat deflecting properties. These roofs are maintenance free due to their weather resistance. The only problem is that concrete tiles are not resistant to hail and can break. But maintenance is easy with a simple repair of those broken tiles.

Concrete tile can be power washed and cleaned to prevent buildup of moss, mold, or mildew. There is no routine upkeep to the tiles because of their impeccable durability. These roofs can act as a good insulator so that way heat does not escape the home. These roofs are great for homes in much colder climates because of their increased air circulation that can keep your roof free of ice and snow.

Concrete tile can also be made to look like real slate, tile, or metal roofs. These design elements can be a great advantage to your roof of choice. These roofs are recyclable and can me made of recycled parts.

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