EPDM Roofing

epdm-roofingEPDM is like TPO roofs, they allow movement and protection of the elements. EPDM is recyclable due to being made of rubber. Some recycled materials that go into making an EPDM roof include post-industrial products like walkways and roofing tiles. But those materials can be asked upon the customer’s request.

EPDM membranes can also be to make more EPDM and TPO sheets or can be used for other rubber products. EPDM can withstand extreme heat better than TPO. These membranes come in many different forms such as AFR EPDM, FRM EPDM, Flex White EPDM, and normal EPDM membranes.

EPDM comes in two colors; black and white. White EPDM contains titanium dioxide and black EPDM contains carbon black. White EPDM membranes can deflect sunlight and retain heat inside the building. Black EPDM membranes absorb heat to the home.

EPDM can be used on commercial and industrial roofs as well as linings for ponds, tunnels, foundations, thru-wall flashings, terraces, garden roofs, and RV roofs. EPDM can last 40 to 50 years with routine maintenance throughout the years. Some forms of maintenance can include adding acrylic paints and coatings to the EPDM membrane so that it can last much longer. Other forms of maintenance can include pressure washing and removal of fallen debris to continue the lifetime of the roof.

EPDM membranes are vulnerable to decay because it does not contain any form of organic material that can prevent condensation or leaks. The moisture can become trapped in the EPDM membrane and cause it to decay overtime or can wear out overtime in weather that reaches below -49 degrees Fahrenheit.

EPDM can last all seasons and can resist problems such as UV radiation, thermal shock, cyclic fatigue, hail damage or brittleness that most other roofs cannot achieve in their lifetime. The importance is that the material was built to handle the constant change in the climate, therefore it contains a low stress tolerance to most seasonal factors.

If your EPDM membrane has not been inspected in the past year or you think it’s time for a new EPDM roof, contact us on our website for a free estimate on your new EPDM roof.