Metal Roofs

Metal roofs in Florida are newest roofing structure that can withstand the hurricane season. So if you are afraid that a tree would come crashing down on your roof, a metal roof can resist damage from fallen debris and can maintain its shape and the interior of the roof structure itself. These roofs are built out of an existing design or cut into metal shingles and tiles if you specifically request a particular design, to give a more defined look to the roof of a house.

Metal roofs are made of galvanized steel or aluminum alloy type metals with a copper or zinc coating. This type of coating can prevent rust and wear from usage overtime. These roofs are also energy efficient, meaning more money in your wallet. Metal roofs can keep heat inside the home and lower your conditioning costs.

One of the greater advantages about metal roofs would have to be that during a thunderstorm, these types of roofs will not cause a fire to breakout during a lightning strike making them flame resistant. These roofs are designed with the Florida weather in mind. But one of the greatest disadvantages would have to be the added installation to keep out noise from rain or hail pelting the roof and create a noise canceling barrier between the elements and the house.

Metal roofs are also made from recyclable metals. It is one of the newest green roofs approved for residential and commercial use. These roofs with their efficiency and recyclable materials can also deflect heat from entering the attic, keeping your items cool and dry during the rainy months in the sunshine state. The added benefit of a metal roof being installed on your house means that water has no way to get inside like tile or asphalt shingle roofs.

Metal roofs upon installation can be made of 25% to 50% recyclable materials but can me processed as a 100% recyclable material near the end of the roofs life. These roofs can generate up to 2 billion pounds’ worth of recycled metals that can be used to make more roofs or can be used for other metal products.

Metal roofs can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance. That means putting a new coat of zinc or copper once every few months or as long as your warranty recommends you should replace the coating on your metal roof. Inspections are also necessary to make sure the roof can last a lot longer overtime and make sure there is no reason to suspect any sort of repair.

Installation of metal roofs takes a bit longer than the asphalt shingle roofs or tile roofs. If you are interested in learning more about metal roofs or any other roof that can we install on your home, check out our website for more information.